Short haircuts are the traditional go to look for most men. It is easy to manage, quick to style and looks crisp and clean.

Even with short hair, there are lots of ways to add style. A burst fade, tape up or razor fade do it in the cut. Or add spikes, texture or forward fringe when you style hair.

If you want more than the usual crewcut or buzz, check out these top short haircuts for men 2016. All of these cuts and styles have a feature that sets them apart from the same old.

Top 15 Best stylish Short Haircuts For Men 2016 ::::

15. Classic Men’s Haircut Slicked Back + Taper Fade
14. Modern Crew Cut 13. Spiky Flat Top
12. Blurry Fade + Messy Crop Haircut
11. Super Short + Clean Men’s Haircut
10. Short Pompadour Haircut
9. Clean Taper + Sponge Curls
8. Short Textured Haircut
7. Bald Fade + Curly Hair On Top
6. Texturized Taper
5. Spiky Crop Haircut + Disconnected Beard
4. High Taper Fade
3. Super Short Crop Haircut
2. Clean Taper Fade + Waves
1. Texture and Spikes

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